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As we evolve, our home should, too

This year has definitely introduced us to a new definition of normal. In embracing this new normal, however, should also be incorporated in our homes as more individuals are now finding themselves working from home. As your situation changes, allow us to help you reinvent your house into your oasis.


Simplicity, functionality and modernity….the perfect ingredients to your ideal home. Creating a design-forward home means creating a refined home that keeps us grounded amidst our busy lives that tends to distract us from who we really are. Your home should be a statement of the lifestyle you would like to embrace.


From carpenter to furniture enterprise

  • 1998


    Customized furniture has been our pride from the beginning.  Delicately created by the hands of our skillful and professional carpenters

  • 2005

    Our First Furniture Shop

    We opened our first shop in 2005 to make our customized furniture available to the public, with curated collections to create a space you love to call home.

  • 2012

    Time to go international

    Bringing our collection from design to delivery anywhere in the world, in the most efficient way possible.  Our exclusive pieces have been made available online so we can offer our designs no matter where you are in the world.

  • Today

    We are top 5 furniture enterprise

    Earning our spot at the Top 5 furniture enterprise, it is our intention to create collections that live well together and can translate into any space.